Flexible 2D and 3D X-ray inspection together with the wide variety of configuration options make the

  • Flexible 2D and 3D inspection for variety of parts
  • Intelligent inspection workflow for sample evaluation, batch processing and 100% inspection
  • Brilliant image quality with high contrast

Flexible 2D and 3D X-ray inspection together with the wide variety of configuration options make the  MU60 AE an excellent solution for a multitude of applications in both the aerospace and automotive industries.

Alongside easy-to-work-with user guidance/interface, the proven image processing software Y.IMAGE3500 offers various filters and film replacement tools that optimize and facilitate image evaluation. The CT option permits more accurate analysis within three-dimensional volumes or tomographic cross-sections. Additional functions for process optimization such as Y.AdResult for long-term archiving or a review station for image analysis are also available.

The aerospace sector is characterized by high standards for safety and quality. The  MU60 AE is specially aligned to meet these demanding specifications in order to ensure that components crucial to safety are inspected reliably and with certainty. The MU60 AE system equally fulfills current industrial standards in force such as MAI, Nadcap, ASTM and DCIONDE. For instance, system qualification in compliance with ASTM E2737 toward auditing image quality can be implemented and logged automatically.

In light of the high detail detectability and brilliant image quality, even the tiniest defects in complex structures can be dependably detected. Welding joints on bleed-air ducts and hydraulic lines can be inspected just as precisely as turbine blades or structural components in aircraft.

What’s more, the  MU60 AE is also perfectly suited for inspecting cast parts and for deployment at foundries. Defect recognition is carried out on a fully automatic basis via TrueInspect (ADR) while shaping the production process in terms of convenience and time efficiency. Using extremely precise computed tomography (CT), even the smallest anomalies in cast parts can be reliably detected. Especially automotive assemblies crucial to ensuring safety, for example brake systems, require this kind of detail visibility to fulfill automobile manufacturers’ strict specifications for quality and safety.